Meet the team : Jordy

Meet Jordy, Co-founder and Director at Now. You might recognise him from videos in your program or in the library. We sat down with Jordy to learn a little more about how he thinks…

Hey Jordy, We have some questions for you…

Describe yourself in three words?

Irrationally optimistic doer

How do you describe entrepreneurship?

For me, entrepreneurship still feels like an icky word. I must admit its growing on me, however, at the start, I thought it was a bit of a wanky thing to be called. This is purely because I see myself as more of a problem solver that uses design to make business.

So essentially to me, entrepreneurship is just the act of solving problems, for profit.

What's the best piece of advice you'veĀ ever received?

The best piece of advice I ever received was from my late Nonna. She said, “if you’ve got a problem, that’s your problem” which for me meant that if I was experiencing a problem then it was up to me to solve it – no one else… This evolved to me thinking that if I had the problem, others likely do too. And that’s where it all started…

But on reflection, I think she actually meant don’t burden others with your problems haha! šŸ¤£

What's your biggest fuck up?

Oh man, I have way too many to mention. None of which I consider fuckups now – but rather lessons I needed to learn.

The most impactful was to trust my gut. Namely, I had a business partner that from day one gave me a weird feeling. But, he was great at covering his tracks and making me feel like my intuition was off…

After a few years – and a few hundred thousand of missing dollars later, my gut was right.

What's the last book you read/piece of content you'veĀ engaged with?

Horribly light, and nothing business-related. But I just sat down to watch the vans triple crown of surfing for 2020 which took place digitally for the first time ever. Which for me as a surfer, was amazing.

If you could only have one medium, which one would you choose: Art, Film, Literature, Music?

I hate this question more than anything.

I’m guessing you cant say film, literature and music is art? So in that case, Today I’m picking film – but tomorrow it might be something else. I choose film because I use it to unwind and find myself lost in a story and because my day to day work life uses a lot of interpretation and visualisation when I want to unwind I don’t want have to visualise like I do when reading… so film it is.

How can you possibly choose?!?!