Founder Feature : Thanh Du, Oss

Meet Thanh, founder of Oss a digital platform set out to revolutionise the world of data and privacy! Thanh Was a finalist in the 2021 Start Now Pitch Night.

So tell us, what is the problem your startup is out to fix?

“Australians feel anxious about our data and privacy and we demand more control and transparency over our digital footprint.

Despite Google, Facebook and other big tech companies upping their game on the privacy end recently, there is no holistic way to manage all your online data… and you can’t really use the internet without being tracked, data inputted or sold…and there is not much we can do about it.

The big problem is data is intangible, it can’t be managed like property and there is no way for an individual to capitalise on their digital footprint the same way these big tech companies can.

And that’s the problem we are trying to solve and bring to people with our platform!”.

That's amazing! We bet it is a pretty full-on process. What does a typical day look like for you?

“No one day is really the same. Being a founder you wear many hats. Some days it’s a beanie and others a cap.. haha I’m joking
A start-up is something I realise you can’t build alone. It’s a problem that affects you and the people around you… so while every day is different, I do have meetings with lots of different people. I have meetings to receive feedback, talk to customers, ask for help, discuss our wins and woes and to make some friends!

Other than that, I am constantly learning more about the problem, building the solution with my amazing team, attending events and daydreaming!”.

Describe your business in three words.

Empowerment, Dignity, Dividend

What's the best piece of advice you've received on this journey?

“To pay it forward.

The Australian start-up community is a generous one. I’ve been blessed for the people I’ve met along the way who’ve given us tiny pushes, lighting the way to what could’ve been a gruelling journey… and the only thing they’ve asked from us is to pay it forward.

I’ve personally taken this to heart with every interaction and it’s something we’ve 100% done and will continue to do in small and big ways”.

After a big day working, what do you do to look after yourself and unwind?

“I love cooking so making my tummy happy makes me happy.
I also prioritise destressing by going to the gym after work or seeing friends. On quieter days I’ve been getting into Young adult fiction novels (because of my partner), sometimes I paint and shoot some street photography (check my insta), eat chocolate and I have a housemate and friends whom I jump on and play games or watch movies within the night time”.

AND FINALLY, What's the next milestone you're working towards?

“We want people to be acknowledged for their data and be paid for it. Our next milestone is testing and iterating our Early Access App with them so we can make the best possible solution and raising funds to continue building out the business insights side of our platform!

If you’re interested in helping out with that, you’re welcome to join the Alpha Squad or contact me!”