Raising Funds

Just as the startup ecosystem has been maturing over the last decade, the investor community is rapidly developing too.

Where only a couple of years ago the big startups had to look outside of Australia for any funding rounds, nowadays there are more opportunities than ever, and new ones are popping up as we speak.

One of the main players in the Venture Capital arena, Airtree, has put together a really useful open source resource which aims to list all the opportunities for funding, from grants to angels to VC, it’s all there.

Check out the resource here.

If you are ready to get serious about raising capital, use the resource above to find which investors are active in your space and start making contact.

If you are interested in approaching Airtree themselves, they put together a handy guide of what their process looks like. From the first meeting, to signing a check, check it out so you know what to expect.