Making a Logo with Aaron Draplin of DDC

When it comes to graphic designers, Aaron James Draplin must be the worlds most honest, raw and entertaining. Based in Portland, Oregan Aaron finds inspiration from strong historical references that he finds in the wild, by exploring garage sales and old vintage stores.

We absolutely love the way he talks through making a demo logo in this video from LinkedIn Learning.

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We try to keep it pretty simple:

“Work hard. Do good work. For good people.”

Luckily, all the folks who’ve trusted us with their projects have been “good people” in our books. Sure, there’s been a couple of chumps along the way, but for the most part, we’ve been lucky enough to work for interesting, creative, progressive people who we consider close friends.

From all of us at the DDC:

“Thank you for the opportunity to make a hell of a living doing something we love.”

To all of those who’ve rubbed us the wrong way:

“What comes around, goes around, man.”