Our heroes over at Luna make legal fun and help us to understand what is important, easy mistakes to avoid and the most common questions startups have.

Do it now to prevent problems in the future.


Luckily our friends at Luna seem to agree with our friends at OneLedger, it is fine to start out as a sole trader but once things become serious it is time to set it up properly. Pty Ltd’s come with great perks such as limited liability but definitely get your advice from an expert to find the right fit for your situation.


So important when there are multiple founders involved in your business. As businesses grow situations and relationships change. There are too many examples of businesses where founder disputes lead to the end of a business to not take this seriously. Luckily Josh told us that founder relationships tend to last longer than marriages nowadays, but we don’t want to involve the baby that is your business in a nasty divorce.

Intellectual Property.

Your intellectual property is often at the core of your business. It involves everything you as a business create. Especially if your business produces a lot of IP or is involved in the transfer of IP, get professional help to make sure you are protected.

Looking for legal advice?


The team at Luna are here to help. Based in Melbourne but working nationwide. Give them a holla if you want simplified legal advice specifically for startups.