We step into Jordy’s world to connect with the 3 main areas of a brand critical for any business. How the brand looks, acts and talks.

A brand is the accumulation of all interactions that a customer has with your business.

The three main parts of a brand.

Like Jordy explained a brand is a complex, and ever evolving, beast. Luckily we can break this down into bite size chucks that are much easier to tackle. Like with everything else, thinking big and starting small will get you going.

Never underestimate the importance of getting the brand right, after all, this is what your customer sees and experiences.

How you look.

What do you want your customers to see when they first discover you? First impressions matter, and as visual beings, the way that something looks will shape our expectations. So make sure you can live up to the expectations you create.

How you act.

The customer and employee experiences you create are powerful ways in which you can distinguish yourself from competitors.

Especially in the early stages of getting your business off the ground, creating exceptional experiences will make you stand out and set you up for growth.

How you talk.

The final piece of the puzzle that brings it all together.

The main thing to focus on when working out how you will talk to your customers, is to make sure it aligns with your customer’s expectations, the look you’ve created and the experiences that you provide. Making sure these pieces align will allow you to find your authentic voice, something your customers will engage with.

Now let’s get into building your brand!

Its time for you to reflect.


Take some time to self-audit your current or desired branding approach. Think about how you look, sound and act to a customer. Or if you don’t have a brand yet how do you want to look, act and sound? Is your current approach the way you want to be perceived? And what can you do to improve this?