Biz Now

Are you thinking about launching that business idea into reality? Well, this program is for you. We at Now have a long history of starting, launching and scaling ideas from the kitchen table, all the way to the global stage.

After careful design, development and delivery over the last 4 years, Biz, Now is positioned to reflect the actual needs of the ‘real-world’ rather than the dusty theories that lay dormant in textbooks.

Basically, Biz, Now is:

– A no-nonsense program to launch your business;
– Designed to accelerate the process of validating a business or idea;
– Helps develop and scale your business or idea into a sustainable model;
– Fun.

We believe that embedding a strong entrepreneurial mindset across as many people as possible will not only improve the chances of success but also increase the chances of an individual finding purpose within their career.

Empowering you with the tools of the future.

The Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Australia, with one in six Australians expressing a desire to start their own business. Over the last 4 years Now up has supported hundreds of independent Australians make the leap in taking their business idea from zero to hero. From corporate refugees to mumpreneurs and serial founders, the program has allowed people to pursue their dreams and transform their careers. And now it’s time for the next step.


The Program

The core mission of Biz, Now is to accelerate learners through the process of finding a business idea developing it and scaling the idea into a sustainable model.

But what’s included?

  • 26 on-demand video lessons to take you from idea to launch
  • A library of resources from spreadsheets to brand identity tips
  • Access to Australia’s Now network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Access to our Slack group
  • Member Only invitations and deals
  • Access to mentor opportunities with our network of experts

The Platform

The platform not only holds content specific to your needs, it also connects you to a library of resources, a Slack community of founders just like you. You will be able to access events and meetups running across Australia.

Each week Now uploads, hosts, and distributes up-to-the-minute information to help your business grow. We are founders too – and we are here to share all the tips and tricks we learn, as we uncover them for the current business environment.

See you soon!

See you soon!