About Now

Now was created by founders for founders. The team behind Now have seen it all. From complete destruction of industries, bootstrapping small businesses to growing digital communities globally.

After careful design and development, Now is positioned to reflect the actual needs of the ‘real-world’ rather than the dusty theories that lay dormant in textbooks.

We want to empower you, with the tools of the future.


Anyone can have an idea. Sometimes they are great, often they are half baked and most of the time outright bonkers. We encourage wild ideas but with a caveat… ideas need to have meaning, they need to have purpose, they need to be solving a problem, but most importantly the creator of the idea needs to be prepared to let it go.


Let an idea go you say? What? Well we need to adopt a growth mindset and a growth mindset helps us see failed ideas as an opportunity to learn, to get feedback and truly listen and then guess what – move on. Yep this is all about resilience, curiosity, empathy and embracing failure. And getting up and giving it another crack.


We want to get people from idea to action as quickly as possible. Ideas are only good if we do something with them. And to do something with them we need to have a growth mindset and take action and take it quickly and in the smallest possible way to test the idea with a customer. Then build on it. Action builds confidence. It builds strength and it builds amazing businesses, teams and innovation.

Listen to the team talk about the programs and the mindset needed to succeed with Now.